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In our area, we have many serious parasites that can wreck havoc on our pets.  While some of these parasites are definitely a nuisance and may cause various illnesses,  others can be carriers of disease or even be fatal.

The most common are:

  • Fleas(dermatitis, anemia, carriers of blood-borne pathogens, transmit tapeworms)
  • Heartworms(Congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolisms, often fatal without treatment)
  • Ticks(dermatitis, transmit Lyme disease and other blood-borne pathogens, anemia, tick paralysis)
  • Hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms(intestinal inflammation, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, stunted growth, anemia, and dehydration)
  • Earmites(ear infections and self trauma from scratching)
  • Scabies(intense itching, dermatitis and secondary skin infections)

  At Pet Haven Veterinary Clinic, our goal is to provide the most effective and safest parasite medications available.

We recommend Activyl Plus as your non prescription  topical flea and tick preventative. Activyl is a new generation flea product that kills fleas immediately by activating an enzyme within the flea.  Outside of the flea, the medication is harmless, making it incredibly safe.  Fleas have never seen this medication before, so the resistence we have seen in some other topical spot-ons should not be a problem. This flea medication is combined with another medication that repels and kills ticks. Learn more about this amazing new product at www.us.activyl.com.

A new prescription product named Nexgard has quickly become our treatment of choice for fleas and ticks. Nexgard is a tasty beef chew that dogs love and is effective for a full month.  Unlike a topical, you don't need to worry about the medication being washed or rubbed off before it's absorbed and no messy residue on the fur!  Finally, an effective oral chew that is effective against fleas and ticks.  Dogs can't resist the flavor----flea and tick prevention has never been easier! You can learn more about this impressive medication at www.nexgardfordogs.com.

Please remember to keep your pets on heartworm preventative as well. We see cases of  heartworms nearly every week, year around. This devastating disease can infest both cats and dogs. It is expensive to treat, but very inexpensive to prevent.

We recommend Sentinel Spectrum as the heartworm preventative of choice for dogs.  It provides the most comprehensive parasite control on the market.  Sentinel spectrum is a tasty bacon flavored chew and is 100% guaranteed to prevent heartworms and also four common intestinal parasites in our area:  hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. It also contains a medication that prevents fleas from laying eggs in order to help control flea infestations.  Significant rebates are available on Sentinel Spectrum, including $35 on a year supply!  Learn more at www.sentinelpet.com .

The combination of Nexgard and Sentinel Spectrum is the easiest way to be sure your dogs are thoroughly protected, inside and out against pesky parasites, while giving them medication that they will gladly eat right out of your hand.

Trifexis logo TRIFEXIS is also available for dogs.  It prevents heartworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms.  It also contains a flea medication that kills fleas, all in a single convenient monthly tablet.  Learn more at www.trifexis.com  .

For cats, we use a prescription product called REVOLUTION to prevent heartworms. This medication, like Activyl, is a once a month topical that prevents and controls flea infestations. But, Revolution also prevents EARMITES, SCABIES, HOOKWORM, ROUNDWORM, and deadly HEARTWORM infestations in cats. This medication is highly recommended for cats that venture outdoors. For more information, go to www.revolutionpet.com.